Carla Wongsam | Stylist and Colourist at Fringe Rugby


Hair Stylist and Colourist

"My hairdressing story begins at the tender age of four. Inspired by my mentor ‘Nanny Joyce’, I decided the first styling job would be to cut my own fringe off and hide it in a drawer! From that day on, it was clear my future lied in hairdressing."

"I’ve now been working in the industry for more than 20 years, picking up many skills and qualifications along the way. Having built up my mobile business 'Carla McKeever Hair', I’m now ready to push on - opening my shiny new salon."

"Providing an excellent service for all my clients is very important to me. I have great passion for my profession with a wealth of experience in all aspects of hairdressing from styling, to cutting, colour application and hair extensions. Visit me at the salon anytime, and see how I can take your hair to the next level."

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