Carla and Anthea at Fringe Photo Shoot, March 2017
22nd MARCH, 2017


At the beginning of March, Fringe boss Carla organised an avant-garde photo shoot with the intention of creating some striking photography to promote our brand new salon, opening in just a couple of months time. Carla Said; "The futuristic hair and makeup looked fantastic on my beautiful models; Sian, Jimi and Caroline.  And although these styles are not likely to catch on with most ladies looking for a new look, they do hopefully 'catch the eye' and draw some attention to our exciting new project." The Fringe team would like to say a massive thank you to the very talented makeup artist Anthea, and also Lucie for all her amazing photography work.

Futuristic hair and makeup, Fringe Photo ShootFuturistic hair and makeup, Fringe Photo Shoot